The Megator Alpha Skimmer System.
The simple and easy to use Megator Alpha Skimmer system, is typically used in:
- Effluent pits
- Lagoons
- Lakes
- Oxidation ditches
The system consist of a Megator Alpha 3-float weir skimmer, ensuring maximum capacity and stability. A Megator sliding shoe pump, or a Tapflo double diaphragm pump, are used for off-loading the skimmer.
When handling oily water, we can also offer the Megator System 3: a complete oil removal system, including an OWS separator.
Megator pump- and skimmer test at WWT in Lodz, Poland.
Megator Skimmers - Brochure
Megator Alpha Skimmer - Flyer
Megator Alpha Operation - Operation Instruction
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