Specializing in bilge and sludge pumping.
Based on the unique Megator sliding shoe pump, we offer a solution for all your bilge and sludge applications.  
Our pumps are used in other applications too, but with our focus on bilge and sludge, we are able to offer cost effective solutions, with the highest level of reliability for these very specific applications.
All our pumps comes with optional classification; DNV, ABS, Lloyds e.t.c.
Please do not hesitate to contact Megator Scandinavia to discuss your applications and needs. Please note that we also offer a bespoke version of the Megator sliding shoe pump, for use in mine applications (Megator Drainage Pumps).
Megator sliding shoe pump function.
Megator Sliding Shoe Pump - Brochure
Megator Bilge- & Sludge - Flyer
Megator Pressure Set - Flyer
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